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Disappointing update

With Last update downloading option is disappeared 😔 it was great option. I used to listen for my favorite music all the time without any problems and it was amazing app No I can remove songs but I can’t add and save any more

Homescreen problem

After the new update, I am not able to skip, go back, or pause the song in the homescreen. Other than that it works perfectly




its nice but i want more music quality


It’s been very hard for me to find a free offline music app where you don’t have to download it from the clouds. I have an app trebel but it’s been very frustrating lately. This app is a little confusing but it’s exactly what i’m looking for offline , free, and exceptional.

Very good

One of the best music apps I have ever used. Recommend highly if u used to use apps like Tubidy or Tubify. Only problem is I would like to be able to shuffle music in history but otherwise really good

The best

Seriously best music app ever hope that will keep like this

The best one I’ve tried

It’s the best app for music but I would prefer less ads

Ids not good in ur apps

I swear that ur app is too lit🔥 But the thing that make it bad is the ids (final fantasy XV) this makes the app bad and it made me to remove the app from my phone Please remove this ids (final fantasy XV) from ur app .

Charge problem

Such a nice app. The only problem that I have with this app is this app killing my charge soooo badly, please fix it and this app will be great, thanks ✋✋✋


I love this app. You can download anything off of YouTube and listen to music without WiFi. GREAT APP!!!

Best apps ever even better then nettube

I love this apps

Way too many ads. Pop ups and

Very little manual control




Perfect Love It


This app is great. The update made it even better. Thank you!

Helal olsun

Valla süper uygulama. Arka planda çalışıyor, indirme yapıyor daha ne olsun


Thanks so much for this app it's absolutely amazing

Best ducking app ever

I love free music XD


It can't download a video from now on!!

Quá tệ

Khi mới đầu tải về dùg tôi thấy app rất tuyệt,có thể xem video và tải về mp3, nhưg đến hôm nay thì tôi thấy app quá tệ,video ko thể chạy được,chỉ có mp3 ms nghe dc,ban đầu tôi nghĩ tôi có thể dùg app này thay youtube xem được video,h thấy app quá chán 😕

Doesn’t let me download

At first it works great but then weeks later, when I try to download more songs it says “Not Available”


why i cant shuffle the music?

New update problems

The new update didn’t really ruin it but it’s annoying. When you exit the app or turn off your device the song stops playing. I hope they fix this because if I keep my phone on I will lose the battery and my phone will die.

it was nice but

i used this app all time its nice and useful for me but new update is bad yea iphone X full screen id good but that new menu is bad and i hated it but i get use to it it would be nice if i could downgrade


La mejor aplicación para descargar música en ios


The old version was amazing until they updated it. When it was tibify it was so simple and easy to use now they added like 3 more steps and it keeps turning off for no reason. Bring tubify back

باشە دەس جۆش

باشە دەس جۆش

New update please fix!!

I’ve been using this app for a lot of time now and the thing that made me download it in the first time was the “shuffle” option! Tubify was great! But this new update doesn’t have that option and it’s really annoying to follow the same listing of songs every time... could you please add the shuffle option?? I love this app and all of my songs are in here... it would be the worst if I had to change to another platform but without that major element, I will have to.

البرنامج فشل

عندما ازلتم امكانية التحميل من اليوتيوب دمرتم التطبيق

Bad New Update

The new update is absolutely horrid. The new look is very ugly and extremely confusing to work with I wish they kept the old app design.

One of the best ones ever but...

First of all great job specially in the last update ,I've been using this app now for very long and it's a great app ,you can download and play any songs or any videos you want easily but there's just too many ads and also sometimes I'm unable to listen music on background,only sometimes rarely also sometimes crashes ...so can you remove the ads and fix those bugs it would be very great

Update Bug

In the latest update im having a bug or a glitch with download button as soon as i press it in mp3 it is getting stuck


this app is wonderful i have over 500 song but we need an update because it won’t let you search anything now it’s all blank



Best app

I will share this app with my friends thank u soooo much Now i can listen to music while im off line and stop the app later even when im sleeping and i can download vid and mp3 music in 10 sec only

Bug Fixes

I can no longer listen to music while my screen is locked please fix!!

Very disappointed

I used this app for 2 years will the bugs and crashes and too many adds I loved it but with the last update its been the worse thing you can’t watch videos, cant find music wanted, and of what you find is remixes and album covers and the music or sound terrible, i really hope you can fix that and bring back the old version

It's back again :)

Best app, can watch offline again now

Used to love...

I have had this app for a couple years now and I used to love it to death. It wasn't until a couple months ago that when you search a song it's only covers of the song that come up. It used to search all of YouTube so you could cache your favorite songs. But I don't want to cache covers or my favorite song. I really hope this gets fixed soon because the app has been unusable for the last couple of months. Please fix!!!

Stopped working

My Tubify stopped working out of now where. When I search for music, it only sorts by tracks and doesn't pull YouTube videos only videos other people make. So I can't find the original version of the song. Only remix and covers that people do. How do I fix this? I deleted and re downloaded and problem is not fixed. When I search for music there is no option for "relevance" plz help me

Was great but now search has ruined it

This app was a great one, allowing you to save videos and play in he background. Unfortunately, an update has reduced the search down to only covers of songs. As sad as it is to say this, but that's not what I downloaded this app for, and will be removing it until another update comes along.

Unable to download videos/music from YouTube

This new update has made me unable to download music from Youtube. The only music that I am able to download is remixes, covers, or cheap versions of the song. Please fix this.

Not as great as it was before

Before the new update, it was the BEST app for offline music, easy to find music on YouTube by copy/pasting link onto search box, but it doesn't work anymore. By typing the name of the song it doesn't show the legit channel where it was uploaded, but by other bootleg channels with fake remixes. Ads are bad as well!


Won't play... Hoping this works




This app u can't even search for the song u want its trash they need to fix it for now I'm deleting it it's trash

What happened

It worked great when i first downloaded it i could download what ever song I could and didn't have a problem with it at all until recently now I can't find any song that i search for all I get is a cover song that is being performed by someone else not the artist. And i know the artist performs the song cause i can find it on youtube.


This app use to be great Not anymore complete waste of time!!

Useless - Fix ASAP

I had to delete the app in my old phone because of memory problems. Now I have a new phone and download the app, i search for music but can't find anything, this is terrible.

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