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Best app

I will share this app with my friends thank u soooo much Now i can listen to music while im off line and stop the app later even when im sleeping and i can download vid and mp3 music in 10 sec only

Bug Fixes

I can no longer listen to music while my screen is locked please fix!!

Very disappointed

I used this app for 2 years will the bugs and crashes and too many adds I loved it but with the last update its been the worse thing you can’t watch videos, cant find music wanted, and of what you find is remixes and album covers and the music or sound terrible, i really hope you can fix that and bring back the old version

It's back again :)

Best app, can watch offline again now

Used to love...

I have had this app for a couple years now and I used to love it to death. It wasn't until a couple months ago that when you search a song it's only covers of the song that come up. It used to search all of YouTube so you could cache your favorite songs. But I don't want to cache covers or my favorite song. I really hope this gets fixed soon because the app has been unusable for the last couple of months. Please fix!!!

Stopped working

My Tubify stopped working out of now where. When I search for music, it only sorts by tracks and doesn't pull YouTube videos only videos other people make. So I can't find the original version of the song. Only remix and covers that people do. How do I fix this? I deleted and re downloaded and problem is not fixed. When I search for music there is no option for "relevance" plz help me

Was great but now search has ruined it

This app was a great one, allowing you to save videos and play in he background. Unfortunately, an update has reduced the search down to only covers of songs. As sad as it is to say this, but that's not what I downloaded this app for, and will be removing it until another update comes along.

Unable to download videos/music from YouTube

This new update has made me unable to download music from Youtube. The only music that I am able to download is remixes, covers, or cheap versions of the song. Please fix this.

Not as great as it was before

Before the new update, it was the BEST app for offline music, easy to find music on YouTube by copy/pasting link onto search box, but it doesn't work anymore. By typing the name of the song it doesn't show the legit channel where it was uploaded, but by other bootleg channels with fake remixes. Ads are bad as well!


Won't play... Hoping this works




This app u can't even search for the song u want its trash they need to fix it for now I'm deleting it it's trash

What happened

It worked great when i first downloaded it i could download what ever song I could and didn't have a problem with it at all until recently now I can't find any song that i search for all I get is a cover song that is being performed by someone else not the artist. And i know the artist performs the song cause i can find it on youtube.


This app use to be great Not anymore complete waste of time!!

Useless - Fix ASAP

I had to delete the app in my old phone because of memory problems. Now I have a new phone and download the app, i search for music but can't find anything, this is terrible.

Update Ruins It

A recent update doesn't allow you to search for the specific song you want to download, it instead only shows remixes and covers of those songs and they're all terrible. Every other review that says this app is worth downloading is getting paid or is a bot. Don't download this worthless waist of time. If you do, you will delete it afterwards with regret of waisting your time bothering with it.




When I search a song that I like only acoustic covers come up not the original song.

Needs to be fixed

The app was amazing when I first got it but now I'm just able to look up covers and I'm very agitated by this :(

I liked it at first

It was good at first and you could look up songs from YouTube and such. But now it just shows random songs that aren't even the right ones and it's dumb.


In the name of improvement this app became useless. Used to be great now it is trash.


The app is great but it's need another update this new update has made my search bar only limited to tracks and playlists when I need the revenant bar to Dina the songs I want



Where is relevance now???

Need to fix that

Love it! But...

I love this app !! But it needs fixes. When I try to search for a song , it doesn't give me an option to choose from SoundCloud or YouTube anymore. It just says "playlist" or "tracks" . I can't download music from there. I will be deleting this app until it fixes :(

Can't find original songs

I recently tried searching a song and I can't find the original one? Only covers or weird versions, please fix this!

Used to love....

App used to be good, been using for it almost a year and a half. It was amazing because I could listen to cache YouTube videos. I didn't even mind that it required internet or the ads(as long as the app music didn't overlap my music). But now.... 1. Every time, when I close off my phone or switch to different app, it automatically stops playing and when I press play from the iPhone menu play buttons and it doesn't work, so it forces you to play it directly from the app and the whole process starts again.....making it so very annoy. Sometimes it works if I turn off my wifi and use my mobile service instead. 2. Now when I search for music there are like "missing" videos that I know exist but for some reason don't show up in the search (it might have something to do with YouTube??) 3. Sometimes it also suddenly stops playing music if it's been playing for long periods of time. Thank you Tubify, but I guess it's time a new app.... :(


This used to be a great app but ever since an update it is nothing but covers. I can't find any of the original artists or songs. I'm extremely aggravated because this was one of the few apps that allow you to cache music and play without wifi but I am definitely not satisfied.

Take it back to the version before this

The app won't even open anymore due to the newest version.I suggest you take it back to the last version,which actually let me into the app.


Allows you to download videos (or music) so you can watch them when you don't have wifi...best part of the app. There are glitches, but they are rare. I love this app, it replaces iTube for me.

Has its flaws... but reliable offline.

I cache the music and turn off LTE and wifi and I could listen to music with no interruptions. However, when online it's "Ad central." Within 30 seconds ads will pop up and it's a little difficult to close them because the app doesn't respond. Overall, if this app had an ad free version where I had to pay money for it, I would. As long as they keep the same idea to this app.

Won't work

I used to have this app,and it worked,but now it won't even let me download anything! Please fix this

Fix It

Well I love it before the update and now I can download anything anymore

Very good app



Well It's great app really don't have no problems with it download everything pretty fast really like it and people should really Get This App And Hmm...While You Add It Add My Books Girls Cla Banks 😭😭😭


This app won't open but I've seen it cause my brother used to have it and it looks awesome

Pretty good

Everything looks great , the layout of this app is good just keep it up to date and we are good

Best app in the world


Good app but....

Need to fix bug and improve more.

not great as it use to, app won't work

i have an iphone4 that i use as my ipod and it use to be so good until the recent update it wouldn't load. please fix!!


It's terrible. It won't play the music. It needs fixing, or I'll be deleting this app. The old version was really good and I still have it on my phone but it stopped letting me find videos. Do something, either bring back the old one or fix this one.


It used to be amazing but now it is laggy, sometimes cuts off music if you leave the app (you have to press play from the menu again), and now, when you press the music video, a loading sign is on the left side, not even in the middle and the video doesn't ever play, even if it's on your "album".

What happened

This app used to be really good but after this update i cant even find music anymore. My music wont play in the background if i lock my phone completely useless now.

Awful - no longer useful

Videos can no longer be saved. Plus, majority of the videos I search for do not show up when searched.

This app has become unusable and useless.

The problems first started when you were no longer able to play videos in the background, then you were no longer able to play videos while the phone was locked, then you were no longer able to save videos, and now you can't even search for videos. I will be deleting this app until these issues are fixed, you have turned your app into something completely unusable and useless.

App doesn't work now!

With the recent changes, I am unable to open tubify. Pretty bummed as this was all I listen to at work 12hours a day, 5 days a week... Trying to find something else..... Sooooo disappointed!!

i love this app but...

please fix the background play!!! it stops when you get out of the app

Man this app needs god


What's up with the background play??

This app was dope but now it won't let you listen to music if your not in the app


works without wifi which is cool! but doesn't let you listen to music when you leave the app or lock your screen. fix this problem and I'll give 5 stars

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